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10th Annual Feast and Film

On December 8, the Center hosted our tenth annual Feast and Film event. We screened films produced by the Reciprocity Project, a multimedia endeavor that “invites learning from time-honored and current Indigenous ways of being.” The seven short films in the series, all made by Indigenous filmmakers in Nations across Turtle Island and beyond, explore the theme of reciprocity towards the goal of ‘Indigenizing’ conversations about the ongoing climate crisis. Cassandra ‘Bean’ Minerd, Sloan Indigenous Graduate Partnership scholar and citizen of the Onondaga Nation, welcomed audience members and introduced the films. After screening the films, the 60+ audience members enjoyed a meal of corn soup, hot scoons, and strawberry drink prepared by the Center’s longtime partner Hazel Powless, who was joined at the event by numerous other members of the Onondaga Nation. The event concluded with a panel moderated by Dr. Joshua Drew and featuring three current scholars in the Sloan Indigenous Graduate Partnership – Stephanie Morningstar (Mohawk), Justin Herne (Mohawk), Cassandra ‘Bean’ Minerd (Onondaga) as well as Sloan alum Brad Thomas (Tuscarora, Master of Forestry – Spring 2022). 

Written by Sarah Howard


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